Blanche Bailly- 10 Things To Know About The AFRIMA Nominee

Today We Focus On Sharing Interesting Details And Trivia Informations On The Cameroon Singer, Blanche Bailly

Blanche Bailly

In search of giving accolades to talents around Africa who has made their work a signifying success, beating every odd, shining in their path, inspiring others who look up to them, we see the need to share some beautiful details about them, in hopes that you know them better.

Blanche Bailly, born Larinette Tatah, is a 27-year-old Cameroonian singer, songwriter, and actress whose debut single Kam We Stay catapulted her to fame.

With over 270 Subscribers on YouTube, Marveling Performances, Features and Award Nod Nominations, Blanche Bailly has refined her art and music to improve her culture and these moments are worth telling.

Here are few more interesting things you should know.

Blanche Bailly
  • She was born on August 8, 1995, Blanche Bailly was born to religious parents in Kumba, a city in Cameroon’s South West Region.
  • For her primary school education, she attended Sacred Heart School Kumba. She attended Baptist Secondary School in Kang-Darombi and Diligent Secondary School in Kang-Darombi for short periods of her secondary education.
  • Blanche Bailly’s time in France aided her career by making her a bilingual singer. She decided to become a stage performer and recording artist while in France.
  • She moved to the United Kingdom, where her professional career began in earnest. She met a Cameroonian artist who assisted her in securing her first studio session.
  • Killa, her first single, was released in 2015 and was produced by Ayo Beats. Later, she met Mr. Elad, a Cameroonian music producer who wrote her first single, Kam We Stay, in 2016. Philbillbeatz, another Cameroonian producer, produced the song.
  • Blanche Bailly won the Revelation of the year at Balafon Music Awards in 2016.
  • Blanche Bailly decided to return to her home country following the success of her single. In 2017, she worked with Philbillbeatz again on another single, Mimbayeur, which featured rapper Minks. This song was more successful than her first single, with over 5 million views on YouTube.
  • She has received numerous nominations for her work, including Best Female Artist at the 2018 Best Female Central Africa Award (AFFRIMA) and Best Female Artist at the 2018 Best Urban and Revelation of the Year Award.
  • Blanche Bailly is signed to HNMReal Touch Records.
  • He collaborated with the Nigerian musician JoeBoy on the song “Mine.”

You can follow her on her social media page via the handles stated – Instagram: @isblanchebailly), Twitter: @isblanchebailly), SnapChat: @isblanchebailly)

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